Vintage Bridal Jewelry

Friday, 4 October 2013

While jewelry has been used for accessorizing for ages, it is wedding ceremonies that give a lift to jewelry wearing trends. Jewelries worn during weddings tend to be different from those worn regularly. Mostly, they are lavish, elaborately detailed and make the bride look more beautiful than she has ever looked before. Therefore, finding the right kind of bridal jewelry can make the look of a bride and ensure that she is the center for all the ceremonies. To accentuate bridal appearance, these are some of the bridal party jewelry trends that one can follow.

Vintage bridal jewelry

Yes, vintage bridal jewelry designs are back to vogue. And it is not just about Indian Princess Style wedding jewelry styles that we are talking about. Vintage jewelry styles from Edwardian and Victorian Era have also become popular, with large usage of diamonds and gold being seen. For a while, the simple looking bridal jewelry was in fashion, but now intricate artwork is what makes a bride look more beautiful. Recently, the elaborately detailed crystalized necklace that Royal Bride Princess Kate wore for her wedding to Prince William has become a rage online! People are getting similar designs for bridal jewelry rental purposes.

Go beyond diamond and gold

Although gold and diamond are known for being quintessential for a wedding, still it is recommended that this season people and brides must go beyond them. A wide range of options are now available, particularly pearl bridal jewelry that adds a touch of delicateness to one’s looks. Pearls can be combined with any kind of embroidery, look beautiful for white evening gowns and for Indian style weddings, the color of pearls can used to contrast or compliment saris or Lehengas, which all add a lot of worth to one’s wedding ensembles.

Gemstones Bridal jewelry sets

Enriched with gemstones, bridal jewelry sets are also in vogue. They are generally purchased in terms of what kind of gemstone color would suit one’s skin. Since a lot of celebrities have been spotted wearing sapphire diamond rings, hence they are in vogue for brides. For others, a lot of handiwork in terms of emeralds and other kinds of gemstones such as topaz are popular. Brides who seek to experiment with something different can try alexandrite, which is known for its twin color properties, with its colors changing from bright blue to raspberry red.

Decide the theme before deciding jewelry

Before deciding on what kind of jewelry you want to wear, decide on the theme of the wedding. For instance, destination weddings can be complimented with gemstone jewelry, which will add a lot to one’s ensemble. For traditional weddings with a modern twist, pearl jewelry can be used. Similarly, for Indian traditional wedding, gold Kundan jewelry with elaborate artwork must be preferred. Diamond and gold jewelry that has a vintage look can be a perfect contrast to a modern wedding. Styles can be customized for one’s wedding theme and outfit. So, make sure you get personalized designs to set you apart as a bride.

Beaded Jewelry - Colorful, Cheaper and Stylish

It isn’t always easy and feasible to buy costly diamond jewelries or other kinds of gemstones for accessorising with your favorite outfits. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot find the best accessories for yourself. With the advent of Beaded jewelry, accessorising has become more colorful, cheaper and stylish. Whether its gold or glass beaded jewelry, the kaleidoscopic array of styles offer consumers a number of options, making sure that people have more ways of accessorising irrespective of whether it’s a male or a female. These tips and tricks would help people find more ways of accessorising themselves with different beaded jewelry designs.

Try colors

Beaded jewelry actually came into existence for one simple reason- people where bored of the colors and styles that classic jewelry metals such as gold or silver offered. As soon as beaded stuff came to the market in the 70s, it became a rage, something that is still in fashion over three decades later. Plus, their affordability gives them an edge over gemstones like sapphires, topaz, emerald or ruby. Therefore, all those who seek to try beaded jewelry must go for colors such as red, green, bright blue, yellow or pink and brown. These colors can be used to compliment or contrast the outfit to give you a chic and stylish appearance.

Big or Small

Those who are looking for experimenting with different types jewelries can go for large handmade stuff. They are so beautifully stunning that they will instantly give a lift to an outfit. But only those who can confidently carry strong accessories should buy them. Small beads work great for regular wearers who want something subtle yet elegant. Men can go for smaller beads for their bracelets or even larger ones if they are vacationing or going out for an informal or casual event.

Mixing them for detail

Different types of beaded designs are available for mixing. While one can mix with shapes such as circular, square, hexagonal, they can also experiment with the metals used in it. For example golden beads looks adorably beautiful when one has a gold chain with beads or has bracelet that supports beaded designs. They look ultra modern and quite unique. Otherwise, experiments can be done with different colors, using different kinds of wires to give a variety of shapes to colorful beads. Chunk jewelry looks funky with beads.

Make your own

If you don’t find a design that you believe would suit you, then go ahead and make your own beaded jewelry. For the same, you can purchase from a variety of beads available online and then change them, twist them and make your own designs. Otherwise, the best option is to buy in wholesale that will give you so many accessorising options that your ensembles would always look unique and affordable. After all, when it comes to beads, a variety of options are available and nothing is less!

So start accessorizing now and take over the world with your beaded style statement.  

Fashion Styles

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Fashion, as we all know is a never-ending cycle with fashion styles changing every now and then. Now these fashion styles are not strictly followed by everyone world over yet it seems to influence the lives of everyone in some way or the other. In general, people get influenced by fashion styling when they see their favorite celebrity or a popular figure carrying that kind of style. But whatever the reason may be, fashion styling is developed to make the wearer feel comfortable and appear different from the others.

Talking about the types of fashion styles one would be amused to know that there are hundreds and thousands of its type that could be formed just by using a handful of these stylish clothes and accessories. The types of fashion styles are based on the taste of the wearer and that on the ongoing trends of that time in that particular region. Since we are talking about fashion and style here it’s necessary to mention that one of its major hubs is Paris and Milan. People from all over the world who closely follow fashion and style keep themselves updated with the ongoing trends of the fashion industry in these two major fashion hubs.

Since fashion styles are never stagnant, things in trends and styles keep on changing, so if one wants to keep pace with the ever changing style he/she could follow one of the fashion style guides that has good market reputation. These fashion style guides are great help for fashionable people or for those who want to look trendy because of the fact that they not only showcase the latest of the market trends but also discuss about what would suit one’s personality. So these guides become a sort of a personal fashion and style advisor for the person.

If one wishes to make a list of the fashion styles the first name that pops up is the French fashion style. Quoting to what has been discussed in the above paragraph, French fashion is considered to be the standard and elegant of all kinds of styling. Owing to this fact people try to follow it more closely and hence making it top the list of fashion styles. It is very interesting to notice that in each of these fashion styles the men’s fashion styles is very different to fashion styles for women, yet they look very dashing together and in unison. The trick in developing such kind of style is to keep a single theme and create something that has a charm and looks complimentary when put together.

But again everything comes down to the taste of the consumer and its body type. So whether it is men’s fashion style or the fashion styles for women, every consumer before following a particular style or trend should think twice on what would correctly suit his/her body type and accordingly go for a particular style that makes the person look unique and comfortable. Particularly speaking of male fashion styles, it is advisable for men to select their style wisely and not go with something that doesn't suit your personality even if its fits well. The male fashion styles are basically designed as a complimentary figure to boost the appearance of the female fashion styles. So, select your trend and styling wisely.

Fashion News to keep you updated

How you portray yourself in front of others plays a crucial role in deciding whether or not you would be considered as a likable personality. That is why in current times, it is of pivotal importance to get you acquainted with the latest fashion news. In fact, latest fashion news is the best way to understand the needs of different fabrics with the use of Joanns Coupons and to learn what kind of clothing would flatter you and your figure.

The latest buzz and fashion industry indicates that the high waistline jeans are back into fashion. Yes! Check out fashion new articles on different Fashion news network or blogs and you will realize that these jeans in different figure flattering shapes are now widely available as they give your legs and waist a proper shape, lift your hips and lengthens your overall body structure. Based on current fashion news, fashionistas have suggested that this could mean that retro looks might make a comeback. The designers are designing fluorescent dresses and bright colors, it is quite an indication that the era of brighter, rainbow dresses and cool summer dresses have begun once again.

Fashion business news on e-new fashion and fashion news network forums depicts several international fashion weeks, where designers have showcased amalgamation of different formal and casual designs. These e-news fashion forums also display the outfits that celebrities have worn from these fashion houses and also provide valuable information on current trends and outfits that customers can have for affordable prices.

Several fashion savvy men and women have begun online forums and provide fresh dose of Fashion news daily through their e-news fashion blogs and websites that provide valuable knowledge about how men and women of different age groups can dress themselves to accentuate the best in their body while taking into account the occasion or event. For instance, there are several Daily Fashion news forums that have sections on how men can turn their formal looks into casual styles and vice versa while others have different discussions on fashion business news that are not just great for fashion followers but even for those who seek a career in fashion designing.

But perhaps the best part of following current fashion news is not just getting information about outfits and learning about latest celebrity fashion. It is also about getting serious knowledge about how you can use fashion news for your benefit. For instance, if you see a summer dress that Aishwariya Rai wore at a UK event, you can deploy it to understand whether or not it will look good on you and how you can recreate the  similar look without copying the actress or going over the board by burning a hole in your pocket.

Certainly, these news, blogs and forums provide incredible information on how designers and celebrities are creating new trends that are in vogue!

What can you pick from Celebrity Fashion Styles?

Want to be dressed in celebrity fashion style? Wish to have celebrity looks? Have always dreamed of looking as stylish as Angelina Jolie, as sexy as Miranda Kerr or as sassy as Sonam Kapoor? Do you follow celebrity fashion trends such as George Clooney’s designer coats, Ranbir Kapoor’s T-shirts or Shahrukh’s sense of style? If yes, then you are a true follower of celebrity fashion. But if you thought that celebrity fashion would burn a hole in your pocket, then you are absolutely wrong. In fact, in today’s era, popular celebrity fashion trends aren’t just stylish and chic, but super affordable too! Read on to know how you can style yourself in the celebrity way.

Well, start by checking out celebrity fashion blogs. Connecting you to the ways in which celebrities dress, these celebrity fashion blogs are a lifeline. See for celebrity fashion photos, like the dreamy outfit that Christina Hendricks wore for Vogue photo shoot or the latest Victoria Beckham’s summer dress and Aishwariya Rai’s white and black contrast for a recent event in UK. Celebrity photo shoots will give you a fair idea of celebrity fashion style.

For instance, this year’s celebrity fashion style dictates that fluorescent colors like green, yellow and neon pink are in fashion. High waist jeans are back as they flatter figures more. Men are experimenting with three piece and waistcoats in incredible way, combining celebrity street fashion styles. Formal and informal are contrastingly put together to create celebrity street fashion, where summer dresses are combined with a lovingly chic jacket, saris are combined with Lehenga and Indian Salwar Kameez san dupatta.

Celebrity fashion designers have predicted that mix and match is in. With high end celebrity fashion designers such as Sabyasachi are giving traditional dresses more attention at Cannes, fashion pundits predict that stylish, all figure flattering Indian dresses would be popular in global fashion circuit. Similarly, it has been predicted that celebrity fall fashion would also witness an upsurge in mixes and contrasts, with celebrity casual fashion trends indicating use of brighter colors rather than subtle tones of grey, white and black. In fact, cardigans in strong tones of green, yellow, bright blue and pink would be in, while noticing from the celebrity casual fashion trends, one can assume that flat shoes, ballerinas and sports shoes for men with half pants and printed t-shirts are going to be in vogue as per celebrity fall fashion trends.

Celebrities fashion can be followed even during pregnancy. Take a hint of celebrities fashion by Kate Middleton and you will find how pregnant celebrity fashion has become a rage with females all around the world. With women from Jessica Alba, Hilary Duff and Kate becoming pregnant celebrity fashion icons, one can pick up from the celebrity looks and try opting for dresses that focus more on legs and cover stomach beautifully. The best part about these outfits is that you can wear jeans with balloon top or knotted one piece dresses that actually are celebrity fashion for less money!

Celebrity fashion stylists say that you should make sure that you follow celebrity fashion fails along with celebrity fashion icons as well, such as Kim Kardashian’s giant dresses and look for what celebrity fashion stylists have to say. Remember, less is more when it comes to following the style of celebrity fashion icons. Too much is nothing but a celebrity fashion fail, while good celebrity fashion dresses can make you feel more confident.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose affordable and ultra stylish, celebrity fashion dresses now and become your own celebrity fashion stylist. Get your celebrity looks now!


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